About me

I am a marketing professional, living in Moscow, Russia. My interest and specialty is in B2B and complex B2C marketing, as well as marketing automation. In my free time I consult small businesses and NPOs. In this blog I write articles about marketing and business – predominantly medium and small companies, as with them it is easier to achieve a breakthrough.





Born in Moscow, Russia

1998-2004 – Studied in the US (attended High School; University of California, Berkeley). Attained a BA in Cognitive Science and Japanese.

2005-2010 – Moved to Japan (Tokyo) to work in Finance / Accounting. Understood the finance industry inside out and became a US CPA (certified public accountant).

2009 – Decided to switch my career to marketing, acquired a Certificate of Marketing from University of California, Berkeley (my alma matter).

2010-2015 – Returned to the US, and had a successful marketing career there in Chicago.

2015 – Moved by patriotism, came back to Russia, the motherland.


Alexey Kudashev