Introducing BPM Online – Russia’s newest marketing automation

To all English-speaking B2B marketers: I am giving you a heads up about Terrasoft’s BPM Online, an advanced marketing automation system surpassing Hubspot and Marketo.

There is no conflict of interest: as a practicing marketer (with experience in United States), I honestly believe BPM Online is in some ways better. I am receiving no compensation for this post, my only reward is patriotic satisfaction: Terrasoft is a Russia Ukraine company.

Why do you even need these “marketing automation systems”, you ask? OK, let me tell you a longer story.


An antidote to becoming a commodity

Leave “unyielding innovation” to product managers.

Today especially, B2B marketing is about building strong relationships. In a world where “cheaper” and “flashier” is always around the corner, relationships are all but the only way to survive, to avoid becoming a commodity.

A relationship is strong because of the value it creates, at all touchpoints in the customer’s journey. Where top-level marketing is made or broken, is creating immense value from an asset called information, and doing so consistently, as a matter of process.

Strong relationships come out of “knowing” and “doing”: knowing everything possible about potential and existing customers (“360 view of the customer”), and acting upon that knowledge: doing what’s best for them (real-time personalization). With a medium or large enterprise, the only way to standardize and scale “knowing” and “doing” is through advanced systems of “marketing automation”.

A welcome by-product of a well-implemented “knowing” and “doing” marketing information system is the ability to accurately predict revenue. That is, you know exactly what marketing needs to do and how much it costs to achieve revenue goals. No more of “only half of the marketing budget is working, but I don’t know which half”.

… Achieving value from information: you can’t even imagine the scope of what can be done!

More on Marketing Automation systems

I will cover “360 view of the customer” and “real-time personalization” in later blog posts. First, let’s talk about the foundation of those marketing practices : marketing automation systems.

Many falsely advertise more benefits than what they actually offer. Many are prohibitively expensive. Most are difficult to understand and even more difficult to implement correctly.

To distinguishing the “real McCoys”, look at the features. You should see the system:

  • Supporting the whole marketing journey (from tracking individual unknown visitors to your website, through multi-channel conversions, hand-off to sales and post-sales service).
  • Integrating with a variety of other systems (CRM, analytics, event management, telephony, CMS, etc) and being accessible through mobile.
  • Offering a constructor to build you own automated processes.

If you are a medium-large company, I will narrow the “up-til-now” list down for you:

  1. Marketo
  2. Hubspot
  3. Exacttarget Pardot

From my experience, Hubspot is all about ease-of-use (hence it’s suitability to comparatively smaller, younger companies), and Exacttarget Pardot is cumbersome limited in features (hence its acquisition by Salesforce in 2014). I am most comfortable with Marketo.

Russian alternative to Hubspot, Marketo and Exacttarget Pardot

And here comes BPM Online, the newest of them all. In most of the features, BPM Online has parity with the triumvirate, as, let’s face it, features were copied and improved where necessary. Here is a quick run-down:

  • In all ways, cheaper
  • Built-in CRM (MarketoPardot necessitate a 3rd party CRM)
  • Full customer journey from marketing to service
  • Additional, very advanced “process automation” constructor (surpasses Hubspot and Pardot)
  • Is built for easier customization (aligns with your company’s ways, rather than breaking them)
  • Needs more intellect to run, as it integrates so much. You need to know what to do with it.
  • In particular, the additional automation constructor component is complex.
  • Lacks a built-in CMS (i.e. for landing pages)
  • Being newer, has less of a community


Hopefully, I have sparked your interest. I’d love to show you more, feel free to contact me.

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