Fiscal Cliff is OK

In a few days, we might walk off the fiscal cliff. You’ve got to love the wording (Republicans are good at controlling the linguistic frame). I say, it could be a good thing.

Simply said, we need to spend less on military and less on healthcare. We need the same results or better – this means we need to be much more efficient and effective with the resources we have. And the quest for efficiency breads process improvement and innovation.

Of course, vested interests are afraid. And so they invent the myth that everyone will suffer and permanently so (“the cliff” part). They have swayed away from their mission, from what they are supposed to accomplish, and are focusing on making money one way or another. And, they are currently rather inefficient at doing so, susceptible to fraud, loss and waste. That is the real problem.

Other than a crisis, such problems are unsolvable. No amount of “you should” would do it, only “there is no other way”. So, I invite the Washington lawmakers to relax for the holidays. And the country – lets make one big step forward!

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