Zombie bullets for Zombie apocalypse

Considering the relatively low crime rates and millions of guns in the United States, it is probably safe to say that the average gun owner will like never use his gun in a real all-out self-defense situation. Maybe once a lifetime. Just having a gun could be an important crime deterrent, obviously (and there is a whole discussion there) – but for all the range practice, mental preparation and fancy gun attachments, I say one gets remarkably low adrenaline payout. It is almost like insurance – full of unsexy responsibility. Life is so not like a video game.

Enter Zombie Apocalypse. It is a heaven for gun owners, because slow-moving zombies make perfect targets, which require multiple hits to be taken out. With proper guns, shooting skills and enough ammo, one is almost always safe. One must aim for the head, obviously. Of course, then there are fast, scary things like zombie dogs.

So when the bullet maker Hornady has put a Zombie apocalypse idea in one of its ads, the sales took off! The Zombie Max bullets are regular bullets with a green tip. Ah, the green tip against the zombies! Dang! This is so marketing. Take a look!


In the end, it all goes back to the deep, Hollywood-reinforced manly need of being a hero. A couple of hundred years ago, all you had to do was to bring home a dead deer, and the whole family was applauding. Nowadays, almost nothing you do will earn you a hero status. You (a man) slave, you listen to women, you try to behave and be polite in this “civilized” society – all foreign to you, requiring nothing of the hunter/protector skills you were born with.

…. Until, conveniently, come a Zombie Apocalypse! Then you (a man) stand up and start earning some well-deserved respect. Such is the motivating idea behind it all.


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